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Introducing Wisconsin Performance Institute

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Why WPI?

Whatever Your Goal, We Can Help


Do the things you love, and feel great about yourself. The clinically trained physical therapists at the Wisconsin Performance Institute can help you move better and more efficiently – whether you’re coming off of an injury or surgery, or just want to get better at the things you love to do.


Our expert analysis and the latest state-of-the-art equipment can correct movement issues that cause pain, decrease performance, and make it hard for you to do simple tasks.


Whether you’re a three-sport high-schooler, a weekend golfer, or a 5K runner, if you’re serious about running faster, hitting farther, or throwing harder, we have the people, programs, and tech that can help. Top athletes from around the country trust WPI … learn why.


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Movement Analysis

We use data to help improve your performance and movement so you can excel at a sport, reduce pain, or return to an activity after an injury.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists will customize a plan to help relieve your pain, improve strength, increase level of function, and prevent future injury.
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Incredible attention to detail
The attention to detail and ability to analyze movement and timing in which each muscle group fired was incredible. It not only helped us see the growth in recovery but also areas in which improvements could be made. Using this technology could not only improve performance but, more importantly, help with injury prevention. It was very clear that the work done through physical therapy had accomplished the desired goal.

Gary & Kim Olson

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