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In late 2022, Stevens Point Orthopedics became the sole owner of their second location at 5501 E M Copps Drive, enabling the expansion of physical therapy services and the Wisconsin Performance Institute.



In 2017, Stevens Point Orthopedics (SPO) acquired motion analysis technology from Noraxon USA to improve patient care. Sheila Banovetz MS, PT, took on the role of lead hardware/software specialist and began familiarizing herself with the technology.

After three years, Sheila had become well-versed in the system, and was using it to perform walking/running gait analysis, return-to-sport testing, movement assessment of dancers, and throwing-motion analysis.



In Summer 2020, Carter Hoffman PT, DPT, CSCS, joined SPO’s physical therapy staff. Carter and Sheila continued to improve the efficiency of the software and technology in a clinic setting and honed their movement-analysis techniques and philosophy.

After working together for a year, Carter and Sheila decided this technology had more to offer patients and clients. Fellow SPO physical therapist Ryan Klapper PT, DPT, also saw potential in the technology and joined the venture.


Movement Performance Lab

In 2021, SPO created the Movement Performance Lab, a facility dedicated solely to helping individuals with musculoskeletal pain move, improve, and perform at their highest level. Emphasis was placed on walkers, runners, dancers, golfers, throwers, and athletes returning to sport.

The program continued to gain headway when SPO acquired another excellent physical therapist: Jesse Espe PT, DPT, CSCS, C-PS. Working with the group, Jesse was integral in the creation of the ACL-PRO program for patients recovering from ACL reconstruction.

team with athlete analyzing performance on device


Rebranding + Refinement

As 2022 approached, the team met frequently to discuss branding the SPO’s motion-analysis product line. Through these discussions, the Wisconsin Performance Institute was created.

The WPI team wholeheartedly believes that every athlete deserves to be treated like a world-class athlete. The team’s ability to utilize Noraxon USA’s technological capabilities helps generate incredible performance gains in the patients, clients, and athletes they serve.

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