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Walking Gait Analysis

Prior to your walking gait analysis, we talk with you to fully understand your walking-related pain or dysfunction, then we use our advanced motion analysis technology to identify faults that are likely contributing to your pain.

After your analysis, we give you an individualized home program to get you striding back to pain-free living!

50ish woman walking outside
Play Video about David boxing with his coach in a boxing ring
David Schaefer, Boxer & Lifelong Athlete

Movement Analysis For Other Activities

We’ve utilized our motion analysis technology with the following sports/movements – and many more!
  • Tennis
  • Hockey
  • Weightlifting
  • Volleyball
  • Dance
  • Football
  • Functional movements
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The velocity of my serve improved
The Noraxon system showed me that I could get more twist in my torso, and more knee bend and glute activation with my lower half during my tennis serve. After implementing these changes, the velocity of my serve improved dramatically. For someone who had been struggling for years to improve their tennis game without coaching or lessons, that piece of information was priceless.

Kit Kiefer, Recreational Tennis Player
Identified problematic areas
It was remarkable how Carter was able to immediately identify the problematic areas during my movement evaluation. My movements were causing lower back and hip pain while running. I am looking forward to working with Carter and the SPO Physical Therapy team to strengthen these areas and prevent further injury.

Terrie Tauferner, Recreational Runner

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