Running Analysis – Run Pain-Free

Itching to get outside with the recent rise in temperatures? Although Punxsutawney Phil has cursed us with six more weeks of winter, spring is still on the horizon.

As we inch closer to springtime, one thing is certain: warmer temperatures. With increased temperatures comes the ability to get outside and exercise. We’re talking to you, runners!

Is pain hindering your running performance?

Running is one of the most popular activities in the world. According to Statistica, “around 49 million people in the United States went running or jogging at least once in 2021.” With the large volume of people looking to improve their physical fitness and performance, the opportunity for injury skyrockets. When injury does occur, it can often leave a runner feeling discouraged, isolated, and uncertain of where or who to turn to.

The professionals at the Wisconsin Performance Institute (WPI) are here to help! Whether you’re a recreational trail runner trying to stay healthy, looking to improve your next 5k time, or Roisin Willis attempting to break records, the WPI has the knowledge and technology (shout out to Noraxon USA), to help you MOVE, IMPROVE, and PERFORM at your best.

Complete a Running Analysis

Performing at your best means completing a running analysis. The analysis will show what biomechanical errors are contributing to injury, faulty mechanics, or inefficiencies in your stride.

Our specialists utilize the vast array of data gathered from your analysis to understand your running mechanics at their core and uncover what is leading to your performance deficits. More importantly, you will be able to see and appreciate your problem better than ever before to truly effect change for the better.

After fully understanding WHY you are struggling with your running performance, our team is able to address problems like weakness, stiffness, over striding, and others at the source to get you on the right track running better than ever before.

If you or someone you know is struggling with their running performance, the WPI is your one-stop-shop to pain-free running. Contact us today to schedule your running analysis and easily stride outdoors this spring!